Ballast & Capel Jobs offers a range of comprehensive, end to end HR support solutions, aimed at addressing the professional development needs of both organisations and individuals.

Training and Development

Ballast & Capel offer a suite of packages to support the professional training needs of individuals and organisations. These are available as open sessions via our 2017 Training Calendar or can be delivered to organisations in-house at request. We also offer training needs analysis through our skills assessment testing center along with a variety of tools to measure effectiveness of training and development activities. Ballast & Capel provide training in the following areas and can also offer customised training packages on request:

• Leadership Development • Customer Service • Business Writing • Team Building

• Coaching & Supervision • Communication • Discipline in the Workplace

Psychometric Testing

Ballast & Capel provide a selection of testing and assessment options to suit your business needs. Research has shown that adding personality and psychometric profiling to the job interview as part of the selection process greatly improves the quality of the hiring decision and can often avoid costly mistakes. We can provide a customised solution to support your organisation’s requirements and add value to your recruitment strategy.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Ballast & Capel can help you fill one vacancy or we can manage the entire recruitment process for your business. RPO can provide a range of benefits, including cost reduction, structured and impartial process management, operational flexibility and access to the services and expertise of Ballast & Capel’s consultants. Allowing us to manage your human resource requirements give you time to focus on your key business needs, while still maximising the power of your people.

Career Counselling

Whether you are looking for a career change or are interested in professional development, Ballast & Capel can provide with the support you need. We will work with you to create practical strategies to change your professional future so you can either take your career in a new direction, or up-skill and progress in your existing career.  Our consultants can also assist you in writing or improving your CV and coach you on interview techniques to help you define and develop your professional image.

Salary Surveys

Ballast & Capel’s compensation benchmarking is designed to provide a snapshot of salaries and employment trends, both locally and Internationally. We compile custom designed compensation guides to provide businesses with up to date information on compensation practices in their sector.

Labour Code and Immigration Services

Ballast & Capel offer advisory services for local Labour Code and Immigration requirements. This also includes work permit administration, for temporary, permanent, and renewal work permits. Job postings advertised on Ballast & Capel website ( are recognized and accepted by the Labour Department as viable advertisements for work permit purposes. 

Ballast & Capel 'Reality Check'

Confirming employment details and taking references is an essential part of the recruitment process. Ballast & Capel provide a selection of independent reference checks, from verification of work history and qualifications through to comprehensive, executive level reference checking interviews. Our approach is customised for each position so that the information gained is a key element of your recruitment process and a critical tool to make the right hiring decision.

Payroll Services

Having the ability and time to process payroll and handle statutory Tax, Natioanl Health Insurance, and Social Security may not be a luxury for all start-up business have. Our payroll services enables you to focus on other core areas of your organization whilst we handle this aspect of your business.

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